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free throw coach

Now you can improve your free throw shooting ability by letting World Record Holder Ted St. Martin reveal step-by-step how to properly shoot winning free throws.  You’ll quickly and easily discover why Ted’s basketball free throw record is better than yours and exactly how to master his untold secret for free throws in basketball success!

The Single Most Important Thing
You Need To Know About Free Throws

Imagine the excitement when you get up to the free throw line knowing you’re going to be the one to make the winning game shot.  You can do this when you know the single most important thing you need to know about free throws.  The single most important thing you need to know is:  99% of what you’ve been told about making free throws is 100% “bull-stuff” and wrong!

The techniques I’ll teach you in my revealing and powerful “The Winning Shot” DVD are the same techniques I used to reach the world record of 5,221 free throw shots and that record still stands today in the Guinness Book Of Records.  Once you learn my secrets you’ll be proud to step up to the free throw line knowing you’re going to make the shot.  Never again will you go to the free throw line with your heart skipping a beat and wondering if you’re going to make the shot.  I guarantee you’ll make the shot!

Learn To Shoot Free Throws Following The
Instructions On This DVD and I Guarantee You Can
Make 90% Of Your Shots!

Here’s my better-than-risk-free guarantee:  follow ALL my instructions on this DVD and I guarantee you can make 90% of your free throw shots or I’ll give you double-your-money-back!  Why doesn’t any other free throw coach make such a daring guarantee of results?  Because I know my techniques work … and they will work for you when you follow my easy-to-understand instructions.  No other free throw coach dares to make such a bold 90% free throw success guarantee!

free throw coach
      Here’s the reason why:  Some of the BIGGEST and dangerous misconceptions about how to be successful with free throws are how to hold your arms … when to breathe … how to bend your knees when shooting.  I will show you the correct way to stand, hold the ball, move your arms, how to place your feet, where to look when you’re shooting and my world record insider secrets to help you become the free throw shooter you’ve always dreamed of being.

Learn my secrets for shooting free throws and you can make THE WINNING SHOT and become the star athlete you truly are.  You’ll be the envy of your entire team.

Order your personal copy of The Winning Shot DVD and discover how to make 90% of your shots … or more!  Don’t wait. Order Now!

It’s Your Time To Be The Winner!

Now you can be the one to make the winning shot.  It’s your turn to be the winner!  You can do it!  I believe in you because I know absolutely that my instructional DVD training will make you a true basketball champion.  Join these satisfied customers who now enjoy total success as a result of my free throw coaching.

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Ted St. Martin & Wife

Sean Bourke from Elk Grove, Illinois said, “Mr. St. Martin really did help me out with a problem I was having in my basketball game and … that tip changed my outlook on the technique of my shot and I have become the best shooter on my team.  My sophomore coach said I was the best mid-range shooter he had ever coached.  I was a sectional finalist in the IHSA 3-point showdown this past season.”

Lining up for free throws is important for shooting a free throw successfully.  You’ll discover the right way to practice free throws to achieve the best results in the minimum amount of time.  There are several smaller free throw shooting records, but the only one for the most consecutive free throws made is 5,221 free throws.  I’m in the Guinness Book Of Records for most free throws made in a row.  When you order my DVD you will discover pressure free throw drills for shooting a free throw foul shot.

Get Your 90% Discount Now
Achieve 90% Free Throw Success!

Now, you can save 90% off the retail price which I plan to charge in the future for this training.  When you order now you will discover step-by-step how to improve your basketball free throw winning shot in just 10 minutes or less!  That’s right.  In just the first 10 minutes of watching the DVD training you’ll know what free throw mistakes you’re making and how to do it like a world class free throw champion.

Imagine … learning the life-time free throw secrets of the world record holder for less than 34 cents a day over the next 90 days and becoming the MVP free throw record holder for your team.  When you think about it, that small investment in your success is a painless drop in the bucket compared to all the missed free throws you make without this training. Don’t miss.

My favorite thing is working one-on-one, but since that is not possible for some, I want you to have my basketball free throw training DVD.  Imagine … 5,221 baskets without a miss!  How many baskets will you be able to make in a row?  Now, you can learn the right way and the wrong way to make the baskets and enjoy a 90% success for your free throws in basketball.  Shooting a free throw correctly can mean the difference between winning and losing.  After you learn my world record basketball free throw secrets, you’ll be a winner every game because you’ll know how to make the winning shot.

free throw shot

Every basketball season, every team has several games where the outcome of that game is decided by free throws.  You’re about to learn a breakthrough approach to shooting free throws.  Knowing that 3 to 5 games every year during the 20 game schedule will  be won or loss by free throws proves the value of letting me teach you how to make the winning shot.

I wonder if you can remember the last time you missed a free throw?  Remember that sick feeling of failure and losing.  You would not have missed that basketball free throw if you had learned my proven breakthrough free throw techniques and system.

Imagine … having the power to make 90% of every free throw you make!  Make a choice… either keep doing what you’ve always done and continue making the misses instead of making the winning shots, or make the choice to win with a proven system with guaranteed results.  I want to be part of your success story.  Let me help you before it’s too late.

Seriously, if you’ve read this far you have a strong desire to make the winning shot.  You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this limited offer before I raise the price.  Please take action today because The Winning Shot DVD is only going to be offered at this low discounted price for a limited time period.  Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 90 days from today.  How well is your free throw shooting doing?  With my DVD free throw training, you’re making 90% of your free throw shots.  Without this DVD you’re going to get the same results you’ve always gotten.  I think your choice is clear.

For an investment of just $29.95 … less than 34 cents a day over the next 90 days … you can be a winner.  With my 100% better-than-risk-free double-your-money-back guarantee you have zero risk.  If for some strange reason you feel the free throw training techniques revealed on The Winning Shot DVD does not deliver everything I’ve promised and the results you want, you get a full refund.  Fair enough?

All I ask is that you take action FAST!  Why?  Because this is strictly a limited time offer at this low price.  Don’t miss out.  I guarantee that if you leave this page someone else will take your spot … forcing you to regret for the rest of your life that you missed an opportunity to learn basketball free throw secrets of the world record holder for free throws.  Make sure you secure your personal copy of The Winning Shot DVD training system before it’s too late.  Don’t wait … order your DVD now!

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Personal message from Coach Rich Haddad, Jacksonville University:  “I asked Ted St. Martin to come and talk with my team about free throw shooting.  When Ted began to demonstrate the art of the free throw, and he didn’t miss, he quickly gained the attention of my players.  Ted talked about technique, but more importantly he talked about the mental aspect of free throw shooting.  My players responded very well to Ted’s advice, and we saw a definite improvement in percentages … from about 50% to 70% in just one session.”

From Ted St. Martin:
  When you follow my instructions, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you’ll be able to raise the percentage of baskets you make.  On The Winning Shot DVD I hold nothing back … I give you everything you need to make the winning shot.  You’ll see exactly what I did to break the world record for making the most consecutive free throw shots, without a single miss.  When you follow the secret techniques I reveal to you on the DVD, you will be amazed how quickly you will become the best free throw shooter on your basketball team.